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Peshawar; Bomb attack in a seminary eight students killed

The Show Time/ Vee D Ess

On Tuesday morning, bomb blast ripped an Islamic seminary in Peshawar, Pakistan. At least 8 students were killed and 136 people wounded. The bombing took place when a religious scholar was giving a lecture about the teachings and importance of Islam in the main hall of Jamia Zubairia Madrassa. The hall where the bombing took place was heavily damaged and the entire hall was filled with shattered glass pieces around, the carpet was stained with blood of the victims. According to authorities at minimum 5 kilograms of explosive material was used in that bomb. Many students, teachers and the staff working in hall at that time are severely injured and hospitalized. Authorities are saying that the death troll can rise. President of Pakistan Imran Khan

said that all the medical aid help will be provided to the victims of the bombing and to ensure that the terrorist who were behind this cowardly barbaric attack will be brought to justice.

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