Pihu’s "Marketing Strategy" people received Calls from a crying child

Couple of days prior,the trailer of upcoming film Pihu changed into released, and whilst most of the people had been appreciative of it- they were additionally barely disturbed.

The trailer indicates an afternoon within the life of a 2-12 months-old girl Pihu, who's on my own at domestic with an unresponsive mother and does extraordinarily scary things like using the gasoline stove and hiking the railing of the balcony.

Presently, to promote the motion picture, the creators thought of a weird methodology which did not run down well with individuals.

A few damaged individuals took to Twitter and said that they got a call from an obscure number, with a crying child on the opposite side. This call arbitrarily got disengaged, abandoning them froze.

The Movie is based on True Story.

Edited Source : ScoopWoop

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