Plywood factory caught fire late night, loss of Lakh's of rupees

Source Arthparkash

Around 2 am today, a plywood factory located in Barwala in Panchkula caught fire, causing a loss of lakhs of rupees due to the fire, according to Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker Gyanchand Gupta. As soon as the news of fire started, 12 buses of fire brigade reached the spot and after a lot of hard work, the fire was controlled. As soon as the information was received, Haryana Assembly Speaker and Panchkula MLA Gyan Chand Gupta, including many leaders and senior police officers also reached the spot.

Although there is no information of casualty of any employee in this arson, all the stuff kept in the factory was burnt to ashes. The cause of the terrible fire in this factory, known as Ram Plywood, located on Barwala-Raiwali-Ambala road, has not been ascertained. But it is said that the fire is due to the short circuit.

Confirming the private speaker of the assembly speaker, Sumit Kumar said that he came to know only in the morning that there was a fierce fire in the factory.

Hindi Source\ArthParkash

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