PU creates history with first woman President from SFS, Kanupriya

The winning candidate Kanupriya of SFS (source-HT)

On Thursday, it was an unexpected twist of fate when Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC) election results were announced for 2018-19 as SFS emerged as a leading party. The party's Presidential candidate who happened to be the only female candidate for 2018 elections, Kanupriya won by securing 2802 votes on her side by a margin of 719 votes.

ABVP emerged as the second biggest party with 2083 votes and SOI being at 1997 votes. Kanupriya who was openly challenging the RSS and BJP ideologies a day before would now would have to work hand in hand with the party leaders as part of the Council. She says, "SFS is the party for students and by the students. Students will make the party work. I spoke bluntly before the elections for the parties who were openly defying the Code of Conduct and VC who was supporting just a single party. I don't deny it as someone had to speak for it but now, everyone, including the VC would have to come together to work for the welfare of students."

The Council now consists of Kanupriya as President (SFS) with 2802 votes, Daler Singh (ISA+HPSU) as Vice-President with 3155 votes, Amrinder Singh (INSO) as Secretary with 2742 votes and Vipul Atri (NSUI) as Joint Secretary with 2357 votes. The students also feel that this would be a fresh wave of change as without any national political parties as a backup, Society For Students (SFS) is an individual student organization that has made history.

However, this time Panjab University observed only 50% of voting as around 9400 students came down to vote. When Kuldeep Singh, President PUSU was asked for a comment, he said, "I congratulate SFS and Kanupriya but what concerns us more is that students haven't come down to vote. Only half of the students have voted which is not right, we wanted more students to be a part of the electoral system. Let's see what is in store for us."

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