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Residents of Mohali will get relief from curfew from 7 am to 11 am

Essential goods stores will open on a rotation basis, Salons, parlors, gyms, restaurants, shopping malls and contracts will be closed

Show Time / Mohali : DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION has decided to give permission to open shops in district Mohali by imposing curfew from 7 am to 11 am.

Orders have been issued by the Deputy Commissioner of the district Mr. Girish Dayalan in this regard

As per the orders issued by the Deputy Commissioner, Conditions to be strictly observed:

  1. Only one member of the family/ household shall be allowed to step out for procuring supplies.

  2. The supplies should, so far as possible, be procured from nearest shop in the vicinity avoiding the use of vehicles.

  3. Immediately after the necessary purchases, the person shall return to his home.

  4. All shall compulsorily wear masks and follow s o c i a l distancing guidelines to avoid crowding – failing which, they shall be liable to penal action.

  5. Persons over 65, small children, and persons with co-morbid conditions must continue to remain at home.

  6. All shops shall demarcate (with a sign/ circle etc.) area where people can await their turn – to follow social distancing guidelines. They shall also regularly sanitize/ disinfect their premises.

  7. At the end of relaxation i.e. 11 AM, all shall return home – even those awaiting their turn at a shop. Shop owners and personnel shall be permitted one hour for winding up with shutters down. Any person found violating the same shall be criminally liable.

  8. Area SDMs/ DSPs shall ensure these directions. Joint Commissioner, MC Mohali / EOs shall also assist the SDMs for proper implementation of this rotation in their respective area.

  9. No curfew pass shall be required by members of the public to go out during this time.

  10. It is clarified that shops of essential commodities such as food including groceries, fruit, vegetables and meat etc., milk including milk products and chemists – were already open for home delivery earlier without restrictions of timing. Now walk-in customers can be entertained from 7-11 AM only. Thereafter, they can resume home deliveries/ operate as before.

  11. It is further classified that as per MHA Guidelines, movement of all trucks and other goods/ carrier vehicles – without distinction of essential/ non- essential shall be allowed without passes. This would include an empty truck/ vehicle plying after the delivery of goods, or for pick-up of goods.

Order 30.04.2020 - Relaxations18.27
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