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Results declared for 9th and 11th, despite 30-30 grace marks, students failed

Chandigarh Due to the corona virus infection, almost all the government and private schools in the city were discharged in March itself. However, before March 20, all the children of 9th and 11th had completed their examinations. But due to Corona, the result of coming on 31 March was postponed because there was curfew in the city at that time. Due to which the result was not ready. However, on April 20, the results were declared on 9th and 11th. This time no students have failed due to corona virus. Passed by giving grace marks of 30-30 numbers Most of the students passed by the education department by giving grace marks of 30-30 numbers. But the children, who did not do anything in the exam, have given compartment to those students in the declared results. This time around 4000 students have been given compartment in the ninth class. Apart from this, compartment of 550 students has also come in 11th class. He said that even after giving grace marks, these students did not get the number to be eligible.

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