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Savdhaan India comes with an updated version

Savdhaan India, the TV crime show that has garnered a lot of headlines for its influential content is back with an upgraded new season. The crew was 8n the city of Chandigarh recently for the shoot of one of their episode when Sushant Singh, the most popular host got in a chat with us about Savdhaan India, its influence and his take on the country as a whole.

Not disclosing the episode and the crime which they were focused on, Singh did throw some light on the subject, "I cannot reveal what we are shooting, but we always change the name and the place of a particular crime in the episodes. I can 100% assure you though, that the story we are shooting in Chandigarh does not have anything to do with the city". Further, talking about the new upgrade that the show is proudly boasting about, Sushant states, "The upgrade that we are talking about is the use of technology that the people have access to and play an important part in crimes that are taking place. Today, a child of age six even has the access to mobile phones and internet, which can lead to them surfing just anything. Also, the apps that are there play a crucial aspect in crimes happening around the country."

Savdhaan India host Sushant Singh in Chandigarh for an episode shoot (clicked by Mayank Chadha)

According to Sushant Singh, as a parent we have to monitor a child's usage of the internet to make them stay away from the negative influence, "You never know what a child is watching on the mobile phones. As parents, we are responsible for what they are surfing on. Even on TV, being it our show, I advice that parents should know what to show and what not to show the kids of tender age. Either while giving away the gadgets, we should already tell our children what kind of content is available on the Internet and what they should stay away from, so as to keep a control on their activities."

Talking about kids, Sushant has a very interesting story about his daughter, "I had a good time working with Ajay Devgan on the sets of Bhagat Singh. Later on, you know everyone is busy with their work so after the film we had a very less touch with each other. Then, one day I had no idea that my daughter and Ajay's daughter were friends and he called me up to let me know that. Then, we were chatting with each other through our daughter's phones that yes, we will soon meet each other."

As he is working with Savdhaan India, Sushant has got a better understanding of the things that are going on in our country, be it politics or bureaucracy, so does he plan on for a political career? To this, Sushant replies, "First, I want that I'm free of all the responsibilities of my family and then when I know that I can afford it, then I might be a part of politics. Actually, you won't believe I started casting vote four years back. And the central government which is currently ruling is comprised of just 31% of votes from the whole of India. And who are the voters? They are the ones who are either influenced by the religious propaganda or the ones who are from lower castes, who aren't well aware of the political situation. And then, we middle class sit there and complain that the government is doing nothing. If we don't vote, how can we say that? Because the government isn't made by us. So, I think we should all understand our responsibility to vote and do something for the country."

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