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Serum institute of India (SII) pauses Covid vaccine trials in the country

The Show Time / VEE D ESS

The serum institute of India (SII) said that they are pausing the clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine in India. The trials of the vaccine going in India is being developed by Oxford University along with AstraZeneca, Swedish-British worlds largest Vaccine Pharma ferm. The trials were in India so in the future low Income and poor developing countries would also be able to purchase the vaccine. Vaccine by Oxford University is believed to be top candidate to come to the market after successfully completing trials of phase 1 and phase 2. In the phase 3 trials of the vaccine more than 30,000 of people have volunteered from different countries for collection of data for the vaccine's development. The trials were also happening in many countries. Then the trials were stopped when a participant for the vaccine trial got ill after the injection of vaccine, So the trials were put to stop at a global level in every country in which trials of that vaccine were in motion. The University refuses to share the details on the condition and the illness of the participant who got ill but there are rumours that the participant suffers from Transverse myelitis, a condition in which there is inflammation in the spinal cord of the person. Due to that the patient is not able to cordinate is reflexes and movement and all the spinal cord functions are severally disturbed. The University says that it was expected that some might show some reaction to the vaccine and they would be resuming the trails soon adding that the 3rd phase of clinical trials of a vaccine takes years to complete.

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