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Sharhaan Singh to enter as a Director in Pollywood

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Interview By Mayank Chadha : 

The artist who has spent almost two decades in the industry, Sharhaan Singh is going back to his Punjabi roots with his debut film as an actor and a first stint as a Director.

Also to re-enter Zee Tv's episodic, Yeh Teri Galliyan, Sharhaan is pretty excited for the year ahead. According to him, "The show was going great and the fans maybe wanted a twist in the story, so I was called to re-enter the show and finish what I started in the first episode. I am very happy to be back in the show and let's see where it goes." 

Sharhaan also talked about how it was on the fate that he also took upon direction for the first time that too with a Punjabi film which is set to release this year. The film features many theatre artists from Punjab who are apt in their skills. "It is in fact the first film that I believe was completed in ten days", quips Sharhaan. He further adds, "It is a comedy film for which I had written the story many years back. But, due to my schedules and regular work I couldn't get any time to invest in my dream project. However, now that I had got the time, it was pre-decided that I would just be acting. But, the original director for the film who happens to be a good friend of mine dropped out of the project due to some unforeseen reasons and I had to take up that task too and it turned out to be an amazing experience. Hopefully, people are receptive in a positive way for the film." 

Also, Sharhaan had some interesting insight on how the scape of Bollywood and Indian web series are bejng changed due to less acting and more nudity. "I think acting is an art which cannot be underlined with excess of bold scenes or nudity which is a trend of web series and some films nowadays. The obscene content cannot go far but talent is limitless. In my personal opinion, one cannot show their acting skills while being involved in such content on screen. The new artists in this field think that this is their shortcut to fame but it's not true. I haven't seen anyone becoming a great actor in my twenty years to the industry just on the basis of their obscenity or nudity on screen", Sharhaan shared his feelings on the 'A' rated content being shown on screen in different media platforms.

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