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Some important guidlines for Curfew ends in Punjab from May 18, lock down will continue till May 31

Show Time/CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh said live on Facebook this evening that he saved Punjab by supporting him for two months. The Chief Minister said that he did not agree with the policy of Red Zone, Orange Zone, Green Zone of the Center and also opposed it. He said that this affects the functioning of the district which falls in the red zone. "I want only the area where there are cases of corona to be sealed," he said. At this time the Chief Minister said that about 60,000 people were coming from all over the country / abroad. So they have to be secluded as soon as we arrive. He announced that the curfew in Punjab would be lifted from Monday. But the lockdown is expected to last from May 30-31

Chandigarh: Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh today ordered the Police Department to take strict action against all types of smuggling, illegal liquor and sellers of liquor, to save the state from the loss of revenue from such activities. The Chief Minister made the DSP of such sub-divisions. And directed to take immediate action against SHOs, in whose areas such activities occur. He said that strict action has also been ordered against the government officials / employees who support illegal activities of any kind related to illegal brewing / smuggling / selling etc.

On the orders of the Chief Minister, the DGP Dinkar Gupta has issued necessary instructions to all police commissioners and district police chiefs to identify liquor smugglers / supplants / illegitimate drinkers at the district and police stations level by May 23. The officers were asked to take legal action against such persons, including sections relating to disaster management and epidemics act.

D.G.P. Stated that the Chief Minister clarified that the State Government needs to raise all possible revenue due to economic and financial pressure in the world and India due to curfew / lockdown to prevent the spread of covid. For this reason, the government cannot bear the revenue shortage in case of smuggling of liquor from outside the state or making illegal liquor. As a defense of the Chief Minister's instructions, police commissioners and district police chiefs must be vigilant to keep the police chiefs of all the police stations (SHOs) in close vicinity and to prevent the smuggling of liquor inside Punjab.

There are instructions for The Punjab Police Chief has warned that in the event of failure in this purpose, the concerned police chief will be transferred elsewhere and will be expected to take necessary departmental action against him. He said that if any government official / employee is found to be supporting the illegal activities of smuggling / illegal liquor and supply of liquor etc., strict action will be taken against him as per the orders of the Chief Minister. The state police chief said that the police commissioners and district police chiefs have been instructed to make it clear to them by videoconferencing with sub-divisions captains (DSPs) and police chiefs of sub-divisions.

If any illegal liquor factory was found to be running in the area, such as was recently in Khanna and Rajpura, then the concerned officer was transferred to another area. Legal / departmental proceedings will be implemented against him. Further, such an officer will be disqualified to become a SHO in future and to appoint public dealing. The DGP said that all the Police Commissioners and District Police Chiefs have been asked to monitor every level daily to prevent inter-state smuggling altogether.

Apart from this, all the Police Commissioners and I.G. And D.I.G. Sends additional Director General Police (ADGP Law and Order) before the 5th of every month without delay, by putting a semi-official letter, including the month-wise report of the receipts in respect of the districts falling under their territories. Will go. The Punjab Police Chief directed all the Police Commissioners and District Police Chiefs to keep in constant contact with the officials of the Excise Department and contract licensees to seek feedback and crack down on drug traffickers / supplants / illegal alcoholics Try hard and earnestly. D.G.P. Warned that any failure in this would be taken seriously.

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