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Sona Mohapatra thinks that Anu Malik should be accountable for all his deeds

Sona Mohapatra, the industry's flagbearer of the #Metoo campaign expressed her viewpoint on being a feminist and how the industry is being filtered, "India is a country of one billion people and there are loads of talented people who should get a chance. If due to the campaign, the industry startd getting filtered, it would be great. We don't need the same 5-6 families to be giving chances to each other. We don't need predators to be making music and films." 

Image By Mayank Chadha

Sona alleges further that now Anu Malik is obviously not going to recognize her, implying to his comment that he doesn't know her, "One should check my social media to know the truth. I had put up the facts on it, so people got to know that he was lying. People invite me on television shows to speak up but I normally take refuge on my social media to express what I want to say. I am an artist and that is how I'm going to work. There are pictures and still if he wants to get away by saying he doesn't know me, that's all right. That's his alternative." 

Sona also doesn't feel that Anu Malik's exit as a judge from Indian Idol justifies his ill doings, "His exit from the show is a ver small thing. I think he should be accounted for all his harassments. It's not a bigger step that should have been taken as per me. Who cares if Anu Malik is a judge or not on a reality show?" 

What about the girls who are coming under the hood for their personal agenda in the light of such campaigns? Sona comes out to be quite honest with her reply, "I think this is a very absurd apsect to be thought upon. You have four million true allegations and genuine cases and out of that 80% of the women don't report the cases because girls are only made feeling ashamed. Still, people are focusing on one out of the many cases which turns out be a personal agenda? Why? Nobody focuses on why women are being oppressed or brought upon self-doubts. When I spoke against people in the industry, I had to hear so much of bakwas from the people. If I had to go through such trauma after I had spoken up, just imagine the plight of the normal women whom we might drag into depression because of the fear of speaking up."

Being in Chandigarh, Sona also expressed her thoughts about working in Punjabi film industry,

"Why not? I would like to work in Punjabi film industry. I'm actually a pan Indian fauji kid even though I hail originally from Orissa. I have stayed all around teh country and even in Africa. So, I see myself as a global citizen. I have deep love for my culture and try to learn new things everywhere I go. I try to give an ode to every culture as India is a country with vibrant cultures and give their folk music, a tinge of mix of my own and then present it. I love that part of it. " 

Sona also told that she loves Chandigarh and it's women, "I love Chandigarh. The greenery, cleanliness and the breezes here are wonderful. Women of Chandigarh are always so well dressed, even the guys are. Everybody notices here what you wear and I believe aesthetics are an important part of you which is essential for me as well." 

About her future projects, Sona is quite excited, "I am now producing my own film and next year I will be focusing on the release of that film. In the music scene, I want to collaborate with so many artists not only in India but globally. So, the next year is going to be all about collaborations." 
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