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Stalker plays the obscene act in front of Punjab and Haryana excessive courtroom attorney’s spouse

A Panchkula man supposedly stalked a lady and afterward played out a profane demonstration before her. The lady, who is the spouse of a backer, was out for a morning stroll in Sector 4 when the occurrence occurred.

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In her protestation to the police, the lady said that the man, in his mid-20s, began following her on his activa close HPSC office. The offender waylaid her and yelled "auntyji ruk jao", At the point when the lady disregarded him, he denounced stopped his bike and brought down his pants. He at that point began playing out a vulgar demonstration while passing scurrilous comments at her.

Startled the lady fled from the spot. On her way, while she was portraying the occurrence to a bystander, the man again drew close to her and began mocking her. The charged at that point stopped his Activa before her and after that collapsed his hands, she informed.

The lady told the police that he was a similar man who had attempted to grab her chain in 2016.

"I can recognize the blamed on the off chance that he comes in front for me. Cops can check the CCTV camera introduced at Sector 4 light point," TOI quoted her as saying.

A case has been enrolled under Sections 354 A, 294 and 341 of the IPC at Sector 5 Police Station and the chase is on to capture the charged.

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