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Story Behind Sector 27B positive COVID 19 case

With fresh cases being reported, Chandigarh's total positive cases now: 145. What is worrying for the UT is first case (35 years old female) has been reported from Sector 27-B. Eight others are from Bapu Dham and one from Maloya. Second case from Maloya.

This first case reported from sector 27B is a 35 year old maid working at the house of an 85 year old. Dont know exactly how many houses she has been going to. Contact tracing being done.

Sector -27 B in-house maid has been tested positive. The house owner is 85 years old senior citizen lady. Their driver was coming to their place from Bapudham. All close contacts are being traced and quarantined

Driver of the family who came from Bapu dham had also visited a chemist shop in sector 27. Workers of the chemist shop.Gosain Medicos, Sector 27-C shall be quarantined.

Milkman who supplied milk at the sec 27 house also quarantined. He supplied milk at other houses too...list being taken from him.

122 people exposed to corona positive incoming meds in Sector 27. 8 members of the house have increased headache of the Coventin administration.

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