Suhana Khan spoke up about colourism when Shah Rukh Khan wouldn't. Don't pull her down for it

The Show Time / Faguni Verma

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan has made headlines for her recent Instagram post in which she called out India's fetish for fair skin and recounted howshe has been called ugly because of her skin tone since sne was yearsold The brave and honest post about colourism was hailed by many. Suhana may also be the first star kid in India to open up about facing colour bias But not everyone was impressed Many called her hypocrite and asked her to preach to her father first, who for years has 12 endorsed fairness cream brands We can certainly question SRK's association with a men's faimess cream brand, but why drag his daughter into the ethics of his choices? Can't we just appreciate the fact that a 20-year-old young woman has spoken up on an issue that Bollywood has only unapologetically promoted and perpetuated? An issue that India's film industry, even in 2020, can't wrap its head araund the 'Beyonce sharma jayegi debacle is still painful fresh in our memories Aren't we beating around the same patriarchal bush if we are holding a daughter responsible for her father's choices? Is she not entitled to have an opinion of her own The pushback Suhana faced only reiterates how, as a society, we love to pin the blame on women and target them for men's actions and failures. Remember how actor Anushka Sharma was recently dragged into a controversy over hair cricketer husband Virat Kohli's unimpressive performance in an IPL match?If Shah Rukh Khan endorses a men's fairness cream, it is his failure and measurements a public person and people need to question him for making that choice Not slam his daughter. Shouldn't we instead, acknowledge the fact that while Shah Rukh Khan played a role in perpetuating colourism by choosing to endorse a fairness cream, his daughter, at least has shown some spine by speaking up against it?the object of our score should be the father here, at his daughter who is speaking up against the problem

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