Sumona Chakravarti feels 'horrible' after being left out from Kapil Sharma's post

ActorActor Sumona Chakravarti appears to have shared a cryptic note on Instagram. It came after The Kapil Sharma Show's lead Kapil Sharma put out a picture with the show's team after vaccination, which suspiciously left out Sumona.

Sumona Chakravarti shared a quote from Charlotte Freeman's book Everything You'll Ever Need. It spoke about not getting what is owed to us despite doing our best. The quote read as follows: You will never know if something is meant for you if you don’t give it a proper chance. Whether it’s a relationship, a new job, a new city, or a new experience, throw yourself into it completely and don’t hold back. If it doesn’t work out then it probably wasn’t meant for you and you’ll walk away without regret, knowing that you put your whole heart into it. That’s all you can ever do. It’s a horrible feeling leaving a situation knowing that you should have and could have done more. So find the courage to take that chance, find the inspiration to make your next move, and once you do, pour your heart into it and don’t look back.

In May, Sumona had revealed her stage IV endometriosis diagnosis. "I may be unemployed and yet am able to feed my family and myself. That is privilege. Sometimes i feel guilty. Specially when am feeling low due to pms’in. The mood swings play havoc emotionally. Something ive never shared before. I have been battling endometriosis since 2011. Been in stage IV for the past few years now. A good eating habit, exercise & most importantly no stress is key to my well being," she had said.

Kapil Sharma Show was on a short break as Kapil wished to spend more time with his family, including his newborn son.

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