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Sunanda Sharma and Bilal Saeed Set to Drop Captivating Track 'Udd Di Phiran' on July 31st, 2023!

Chandigarh | 2 7 July 2023

"Anticipated Musical Collaboration: Sunanda Sharma and Bilal Saeed Team Up for 'Udd Di Phiran' - A Harmonious Fusion Set to Release on July 31st, 2023!"

Renowned Punjabi singer, Sunanda Sharma, known for her melodious tracks, has fans eagerly awaiting her latest release, 'Udd Di Phiran,' featuring a collaboration with Pakistani singer-songwriter Bilal Saeed De. The announcement of this exciting partnership has created a buzz in the music scene, as both artists bring their dynamic talents together to create a captivating atmosphere.

Sharma recently took to social media to share the details of this exciting collaboration with Saeed, revealing that she traveled to Lahore to shoot the music video. With the backdrop of a setting steeped in history and culture, the video is expected to add a unique flavor, beautifully complementing the soothing soundtrack.

🎶🔥 Mark your calendars for the ultimate musical fusion! 'Udh Da Phiran' by Sunanda Sharma and Bilal Saeed is dropping on July 31st, 2023! Get ready to groove and join the countdown!

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