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Surprising !! Tanya's in-laws ask Geet to come back !!

While Tanya is adamant that her vidayi will happen only when Geet returns home, an exciting development will happen in today's episode Currently, Geet and Malhar have left the house at the behest of Tanya's in-laws as they wanted the Mehra family to end all their ties with Geet as she was a daughter of a poor dholi. But as Tanya stays stubborn on her decision, they allow Geet to come back and attend the wedding ritual on one condition that she will have to leave the house as soon as Tanya’s vidayi is done. Now it has to be seen whether Geet will remain in the Mehra house even after Tanya's parting or will leave the house as per the condition? Watch this exciting episode today at 8:00 pm only on Zee Punjabi.

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