The Show Time/ Simran Bindra

We all go through Anxiety issues, impatient behavior and Depressions when our personal or professional life is imbalanced. We might face reasonable to moderate to extreme levels of anxiety issues and some form of depression which turns into frustration. Usually, when we talk about domestic violence, we automatically and typically think of violence against women after marriage but in the broader and correct sense, it means violence against any family member. These days, as the COVID 19 pandemics has hit all parts of the world, major setbacks have been witnessed in our financial situation which has outgrown the number of people having anxiety and depression issues. Talking about the mental well being, there are some serious incidents which have been happening around us we were all unaware or ignorant about; the behavior of married children towards their old aged parents, parents ignorant and frustrated behavior towards small children and towards house helps, etc. There is a huge increase in the number which is now a matter of concern. Sometime back, we had been so busy in our personal lives minting money that we had forgotten our values and now anxiety and depression are taking it all over. Family is all that we are doing it for and if that does not stay healthy, who are we going to live it up for? Our personal lives should never be bothered away with the professional front. We should remember to keep our mind straight so that we can work well in some way or other and we do not spoil our family lives just on the basis of our temporary mental conditions and for a pandemic we have to fight. We at this point in time must never forget that we are all in this together and there is always light after the tunnel. As the pandemic will go away, the money will be earned back, Family will stay here Forever.

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