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Thappad: A slap on the patriarchal society

Bollywood is nowadays focusing on stories that represent the society's deepest and darkest secrets out in the open on 70mm screens. Also, you know if a film is good when the shows are going houseful, which Taapsee Pannu's film Thappad completely deserved. Director Anubhav Sinha loops in seven stories with different kinds of oppression that they face everyday and term it as normal.

Many say this film was a slap to the makers of Kabir Singh where love is defined only of you hit each other. The family drama focused on why hitting anyone, be it women or men is in a bad taste and we should not be accepting this behavior. Taapsee questions her marriage and her love for her husband after he slaps her and from there starts the struggle a woman has to face from the society as well as courts if she wants her freedom and happiness. Also, other women start to question their happiness and storyline focuses on these seven millenial stories.

Talking about acting, Anubhav has chosen an experienced cast to portray the stories and every actor was totally engrossed in their roles and storyline. The music is another plus point for the film as Anurag Saikia and Mangesh Dhakde work their magic with music production. Thappad has an equally engrossing background score that goes in line with the theme.

The only thing distracting is the long story which seems to be lengthening. The film could be a bit shorter and the story could go a bit faster. However, some scenes were unnecessary but still a part of the film and that could have been avoided. The dialogues and script of the film are great and are worth remembering. The audience when starts clapping during the clinax, it means that the makers of Thappad are successful in creating an impact that they wanted. Thappad has an IMDb rating of 6.2/10 but The Show Time rates this film with 8/10 as ot deserves the best.

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