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The Desperate Generation X

Haven’t we all heard it before, do good and good will return to you! I am sure all of you must have heard it but only few of you remember. Given, rules are created to touch and comeback to say 'I didn't do it, he did it, it was not me I swear'. We all have been there where we have been asked to mould our words to suit the best, not to mention best for who? We are taught to speak in a low voice to not to raise attention and then the best to be good to everyone. Here is a question I asked myself one day. Would it be possible to be good to everyone and then I found myself lying to myself that by moulding my words I am not actually doing bad to myself. 

If you are reading this you might have also heard that it’s quite often that we face situations in which people with ‘intentions’ carry a simple message, 'I will test your goodness and with the rudest means possible.' If you have faced any such situation where your patience is tested then I have an answer for you. The skill of Patience was given to you for a reason and so did your persuasion skills. I hope you havent persuaded yourself to take any news as ‘the news' or any person as ‘the person’ for your life. Last night while sitting with my dad I observed that age doesn’t actually make you old what makes you old is that you might have been explaining yourself too well where it was not required. Use your persuasion skills to persuade yourself that whatever you are going to try in your life is easy job but keeping yourself surrounded by happiness and goodness is the challenge. 

Each day we are bombarded with new ideas, special offers and amazing deals which naturally installs a software system in us that we have nothing yet and there is a whole world outside having all the marvelous things. If you are one of those then this boat is not for you. Because we trust on our skills, that seems a fair deal you can make to yourself. Let’s take another example to understand if you are desperate to do something then a wiser choice will be to do that first rather than anything else. This will clear your priorities. If you have something in which we can help you, that can bring awareness of responsibility in each individual towards building an open cultural nation to be present to our next generation then form a group and come up with your idea. 

But, don’t be a desperate scum and hide behind yourself to cover up what you have done. This goes to the adults of our Nation as well, they now must admit that they have sold the youngsters to drugs, business to terrorists, corporate to slavehood and people to poverty. We know it, but they now must have some courage to admit it online or in public. This will give us a start to build something which can be comepleted within enough time for our next generation to enjoy and serve this beautiful country and not just leaving it.

If the goal is to restore the natural places, good economics, careful politics and sound judgement then wether a leader is a man or a woman, it would hardly matter. But are we ready for another bad judgment in politics, another case of woman harassment, or a 15 year old now googling about drugs? It would be though literary invisible to see the change but the consequences would be destructive. It might be hard to collect the statistics on how many individuals now in India are looking at our country without any resource left for our future generations to thrive. The last one of us will be first to see the unnatural movement of lifestyle occurring around, tossing the good mindset of individuals into something that is pre-occupied with the notion that there is something lacking in them and hence they are un-fit. Lets now dumb down everything to zero, let there be exaggeration and everyone should be allowed to speak their imagination not only kids but adults as well. Because, imagination is the virtue that we all are given to be used wisely.  

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