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The first ever online poetry event conducted by Gurgaon Poetry Session

March 22nd 2020 was the day of Janta Curfew. On this day, Gurgaon Poetry Sessions, which is a poetry society, set a unique example. The enthusiastic organizer who is also a humble poet of this organization, Nivedita Chakravorty, gave new light to live poetry by bringing the online platforms into play. She organized Gurgaon Poetry Session Vol.3 through the Zoom App.

Bimal Sharma, Bhupinder Tiku, Seema "Tanha", Rakesh Gulati, Sandeep Khanda, Aparnaa Lakshmi, Vishi, Arvind Sharda, Deepti Agarwal, Sarita Singh and Mrs Chakravorty herself recited poems in this online poetry seminar. Shiuli Chakravorty coordinated with everyone in this session for Art work and App functionality.

Coming together for such poetic sessions online amidst the COVID-19 terror is a truly commendable effort. It shows persistence towards your art, and also an attempt to gather your energy to support and come alive in these trying times. GPS Vol.3 was a step towards encouraging others to not use the online platforms merely to keep their work lives going, but also, use them to create yourself a space of joy.

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