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The Manifestation Musketeers

The Show Time/ Sushant Gandhi

Energy workers, psychics, and tarot card readers - the list is endless. The support group people of this sort stay among us. In a word - such hero's are not at top of life sometimes even worse. Imagine! How would be your life if you would be a person with telepathy skills? Certainly, it is easy to imagine but well a bit hard to gain such skill! Yet, they live among us and I call them 'manifestation musketeers'. Unlike the sense of taboo, the subcultures with psychic, energy workers, and tarot card readers are openly approached. These cultural manifestation musketeers help tons of people around the world. The term 'energy worker' comes from 'energy' or vital of life and 'worker' someone with the responsibility of doing a certain task. Coming out as an energy worker or psychic is not a public challenge, it's a private challenge. Do you agree? Like other elements of our society, these manifestation musketeers often face similar struggles in life. I remember seeing a psychic, they are just normal people with an exception. Some individuals with the gift of seeing aura, energy, and even GHOST! In most of the good times, people would even not believe in them. Ironically, in most of the bad times, they are saviors - helping individuals for a small amount. The manifestation musketeers have abilities and capabilities of using science infused with entertainment. Some of those who master their skills would simply tell you a solution right aways while others might require some more time. Today, there is still a lot of exploration going on in the field of Reiki, energy work, and healing, and yet these dimensions are absent in the daily life of Indian middle-class families. We have leaped to do gym, yoga, and meditation, but we still need to catch up with dynamic results offered by abundance energy.

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