The Narrow Escape

The Show Time/ Sushant Gandhi

Some people say that in this world you are free to make what you want! That the reality is something you create by your own focus. My reality starts with carrying water from one station to another. At 6 years old, I was working in a factory that made the world's largest supply of rayon thread. But we all know that’s the face of my reality. Although the story is quite different when we move towards a restricted part of the factory.  Every day it is the same day. We have to move up and down from one station to another delivering water. The hardworking women with focused eyes and mechanical movements followed their routines to every single detail. Most of them would not see any other place in their life other than their shit hole. They call it their home. Other women would keep quiet even when it is time to speak; throw at them some extra bucks and they’ll do anything. This was my reality and it was something I never asked GOD.   I grew up to be tall and was counted in “good looking” girls in my community. My father taught me to read at home at night. He worked in sewers in the morning and evening he used to take passengers to their destination in a rickety rented truck. At the age of 18, my dad was offered some extra bucks in this income. The offers came in from a local mafia person who wished to hire me for life. That’s when I knew my reality was no longer mine.  My dad also knew that if I stayed here; either I would be kidnapped or he will be forced to sell me. So, he took me to sewers with him and I made a narrow escape out of that town. That’s when I met her. Her name was ‘Forever heat’. Fast forward, I still work in a local community. We help migrants to get a better job and a few necessary rights to live. I never looked back to that shit hole. What happened to my dad? He made it out of that sewer only to enter the next one.

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