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The Underdog Benefit

The Show Time / Sushant Gandhi

Isolation became a risk factor for individuals. Chances are you already knew about an increased rate of domestic and social violence amidst pandemic lockdown. Not to mention, the spike in corruption. The complete "benefit" of coronavirus is to the underdogs. Who is an underdog person or a group? The one's who are expected to fail or are struggling. To be honest, on the first look on India street this might not be openly visible to everyone. Yet, if you dig down on "profit makers", well, it would be hard to not to agree that the COVID-19 pandemic helped many to make millions. On one hand, many people felt the grip of fear, on the other hand, many people took it as an opportunity. Similarly is the case of underdog individuals. While the whole world tried to "flatten the graph". The underdog individual benefits every more than ever. There is a change, for good, yet, many who falls in crossing line would agree to social partiality that took place with people suffering from COVID-19. It almost was identical to the traditional caste system taking a new face of untouchability. Although it was necessary to maintain distance, it was unnecessary to become partial in the worse case to be cruel to already suffering individuals. Today, on streets the cheap quality fast food is openly sold once again. Do not doubt, the street vendors in the local area do not wear gloves all the time. It is definitely unhygienic. Period. This may not be the biggest challenge ever faced by us. Additionally, there would come more challenges. The new challenge won't be money, accommodation, and electricity. On the other hand, it would be fast food, corruption, and terrorism. Remember, benefits are not always malicious or wrong. Benefits that are built on other people's health is unnatural and unethical.

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