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There was a stir in Panchkula Police Department, 3 policemen suspended & Order of FIR on 1: Anil Vij

The Show Time | Panchkula

6 Aug 2021 There was a stir in Panchkula Police Department on Friday when Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij suddenly arrived at a police station here. Vij reached Sector 5 police station and raided it. During Vij's raid, many flaws came out in the police station. After Anil Vij's anger climbed to the seventh sky and he suspended the three policemen by fiercely classing the policemen posted in the police station. Along with this, an order was given to register an FIR against a policeman. It is said that when Vij's raid was going on, Panchkula Police Commissioner Saurav Singh and DCP Mohit Handa were also present on the spot.

Vij checked everything in the police station.

When Home Minister Anil Vij came to the Sector 5 police station of Panchkula police on a surprise inspection, the policemen present in the police station were stunned to see him. Here, as soon as the information about the surprise inspection at Vij's police station reached the Panchkula police officers, he too immediately ran to the spot. At the same time, Vij had started his action immediately after reaching the police station. Vij was checking the records present in the police station. Vij was monitoring how the staff posted in the police station was doing the duty. And finally the flaws could not escape from Vij's eyes. After which the charge fell on the staff of the police station. Vij ordered the suspension of three policemen. Also asked to register an FIR against a policeman.

Anil Vij is very strict mood. They do not like lack of work and carelessness at all. That is why he is often seen suddenly raiding different places in the state. After which the action of Vij starts again. Vij suspends straight. Keep in mind that, recently, Vij reached Gurugram Municipal Corporation and took strict and big action. Actually, State Home Minister Anil Vij did a surprise inspection of Gurugram Municipal Corporation and did a complete investigation here. During his investigation, Vij found that there is negligence in the work in the corporation. The employees posted here are not doing their job properly. Apart from this, many other flaws came in front of Vij. After which Anil Vij neither saw nor did Tao and had suspended the two SDOs directly.

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