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These two-liners would bring back the Sense of Humour

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

You never know when life throws us situations that become hilarious for a reason. We pick up funny two-liners from some Redditors which better be just puns. 

1. *Blind in Love* 

2. I'm going to be this kind of Aunt *wink* 

3. And then there's this kind of guy

4. The Scrabble Jokes 

5. Wasn't it supposed to be a compliment? 

6. The reality of politics 

7. He would have been dead by the first second 

8. Was your grandfather a *Poacher*? 

9. Atleast John won something

10. Blind or not Blind, but a Wife is a *WIFE*

11. And one of the Plus living in Switzerland

12. The literate's sense of humour

13. Looks up... And thanks to all my fans who have been with me....

14. You get the Pun right? 

15. Rofl! Some people never get matured

16. Comparing a cigarette and a dog? Dude, what are you high on? 

17. In both the cases, you would need a dentist

18. Epic Parenting Fail

19. The Nature and English collides

That's all for now, hope you laughed out loud on these epic Puns. 

*Images copyright to The Show-Time* 

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