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This Valentine’s, Studio Pataaree is opening its handcrafted ‘trunk of love’

It’s indeed a special day to express love, and striking a conversation around it is Studio Pataaree, all set to collect, store and share stories of true love in their beautifully handcrafted trunk this Valentines.     

“We are showcasing the many facets of love and trying to break away from the stereotypical image of love. One can be in love with anyone/anything, and that’s what we want to bring out. Love sees no gender, age, divide, class,” says Shagun Bawa, founder Pataaree, a high end customised wedding solutions studio. At the core of this campaign is the trunk, their signature product that carries so many stories of love when it moves from one house/place to another. It also reinforces how one looks at trunks as a crucial part of a wedding. 

“The idea of “Trunk of Love Stories” came from the observation that weddings are synonymous to happiness. The age-old tradition of the bride storing/carrying her trousseau and wedding keepsakes in a trunk and starting a new journey, makes the wedding trunk a very essential element of the entire celebration. For me, it is a silent spectator of all the love that moves between people/families as the festivities begin. And this love is in so many forms - the stories are so many and all are special. Hence, the trunk of love stories,” adds Shagun, for whom love is unconditional and ever changing yet always present. 

Interestingly, the idea of the trunk and love stories took shape last year. “We started work last year in June, but left it midway as we drowned in the frenzy of wedding orders,” says Shagun who revisited the idea this January this year, and finally turned into the statement piece they had envisioned. 

The inspiration has been their all time favourite Pakistani truck art, with the addition of a lot of details/motifs from the truck art.

“We went truck accessories shopping in Fatehgarh where truck bodies are made and picked up some really interesting stuff. A lot has gone into creating this beautiful piece, almost six to eight months. We have had at least 10 of our team members work on it to make sure we do justice to our inspiration. It is truly a show stopper!”

So, if you are in a mood to share ‘love’ or tell a love story, catch the trunk already on display at the Pataaree Studios in Industrial Area Phase 1, Plot no 78. 

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