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This Week HOROSCOPE with Suggestion

Based on Sun sign By Karan Munjal

Aries ♈: You may spend quality time at home or with your close ones. Also, you may get to travel this week. Some things may happen very quickly or you make a hasty decision. Some of you may see completion phases in some area. Suggestions: Don't keep your hopes or expectations too high for anything. Maintain your respect and dignity and also for people around you.

Taurus ♉️: This week will see some improvements, financial or otherwise. Test the waters before doing anything. A good week for those who have a partner. Some of you may need to take a leap towards something you want. Suggestions: Take care of your health. If you need to take off time from something, consider doing it. Try and spend quailty time at home.

Gemini ♊: A mixed week for you. Some of you may have some arguments. You may see some improvements in certain things. Some good news may be there for some of you. You need to keep reassessing the situation at hand. You may enjoy peace of mind at some levels. Suggestions: Before making any decision, do consider about its impact. Focus on the solution rather than the problem to work things in a better way.

Cancer ♋: You would be rewarded in proportion to efforts. Some sort of frustrations or issues may arise, which you may overcome with some hardwork. Before doing anything new, do test or experiment it out. Some of you may receive some important information or news. Suggestions: Avoid any unnecessary fights, especially with people close to you.

Leo ♌: A good week from work point of view or you may have some financial gains. Those involved in a legal situation or having some document, may see things moving. Some of you may develop some jealousy or deception inside you or around you. Suggestions: Be prepared for some deceptions or delays. Try and avoid any emotional upheavals. Help the ones in need. Spend time with animals.

Virgo ♍: Your efforts will give the desired results. A balanced week overall. You may see some progress in any legal matter. Some of you may get to do some celebration. Suggestions: Try and be stable. Don't keep your hopes too high.

Libra ♎: You will spend good time with your family or close ones. There may be some improvements in some sphere of life. Some of you may see end of something or some situation. You will get rewards for your efforts. In between, there may be some negative emotion in you or around you. Suggestions: If you get a chance to help someone, do so.

Scorpio ♏: The week will be a mixed one for you. You may need to take a leap forward for something that you may want. Some of you may need some confidence in some matters. You may have some wish that may be granted. You will be able to overcome your problems, if any. Suggestions: If you have a partner, treat them well. Do good things for your loved ones. Before doing anything new, do test the waters.

Sagittarius ♐: There may be some delays, which may prove to be necessary. You may test the waters in some situation. Some of you may enjoy happy moments, have bright things. Also, you may feel over-loaded with something. Being soft and gentle may be beneficial. Suggestions: Try and socialise. Follow your ambitions. Be outspoken.

Capricorn ♑: You may be able to execute, most of the things that you may have planned. Things will be more or less stable. You may have a feeling that someone is trying to deceive you or vice-a-versa. There may be some improvements in things, but there may be some delays too. Some of you may not be too happy with what may be offered to you. Suggestions: Some of you may some secrets to be revealed around you.

Aquarius ♒: You may have a feeling of security. Those having a partner, you may spend good time with them. Avoid becoming greedy or have high hopes in any matter. Some of you may have some secrets to be revealed. You may enjoy good time at home or with family or with people who are like family. Suggestions: Be gentle and emotional while dealing with things, situations or people. Good time, if you are wanting to try something new or may have some new idea.

Pisces ♓: A mixed week for you. You may enjoy good time at home and may have happy and bright propsects and moments. Some of you may even travel. You may face certain problems that you may not be prepared for. Also, some of you may try and break the chains that you may feel are holding you back Suggestions: Try and help anyone who may be in need, financially or otherwise. 

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