Three Important decisions by the Chandigarh govt.

Petrol-diesel expensive in Chandigarh, the book of delivery books; Sit three people in a car Chandigarh Chandigarh Administration has taken an important decision on Wednesday, decided to increase the rate of petrol and diesel in Chandigarh.

This decision was taken in the house room meeting. According to information, VAT has decided to increase VAT to 5 percent in relation to petrol and diesel. New prices of petrol will now be Rs 68.62 per liter and diesel Rs 62.02 per liter. GTL and Diesel's UT prices will be slightly less than the neighboring states. With this, the administrator once again appeared to be induced from citizens and follow the criteria of social distances. He said that although the economy has been exempt to revive the enemy, yet all the citizens should take a great careful to ensure their personal hygiene and wear masks.

Apart from this, the administration was decided to allow books of books by home-to-stores, so that there are more crowds in the related shops. He advised that parents should ensure that the books of security should be kept in mind before the books are given. On the request of PGIMER, the administrator decided that all newest embellished and light matters of COVID will now be sent to Ayurvedic Hospital, Sector 46, Chandigarh. Important cases will be sent to PGIMER. The administrator instructed that all responsible citizens should notify in their own disease, if there is a nearest medicine. He appealed to local leaders and neighbors that they inform the administration about showing the symptoms of Corona to any person of their area.

Deputy Commissioner Mandeep Singh Brad said in the House of the room that far farmers of 38,44,867 baked food have been distributed between the baseless and needy persons. He also told that 2,47,000 health protection applications have been downloaded in the city.

K.k Yadav, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation said that the seduction of the tempering shifting of the fruit and vegetable market has been finalized by the sector 26 to the ISBT, Sector 17. He also mentioned that specific vendors have been entrusted to specific areas and their medical screening and ID card distribution have been made before. He further said that government buses in the Contendment Zone continue to provide necessary items, which have been closed.

In the final, the administrator expressed his serious concern about the growing cases of Corona in Bapu Dham Colony. He directed the intensive and broad screening of 03 days of all people living in the container zone. Meanwhile, Administrator's Advisor Manoj Kamad has made clear tweet taxes in a car that only one person can meet in a car, he said that it does not matter that the third man is sitting on the seat or at the previous seat.

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