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Today, buses will run from Delhi to Haryana

Chandigarh The Haryana government has decided to land buses on new routes from Tuesday. Due to this, bus services will be started from Delhi to seven cities of Haryana. Buses have already started operating from 15 districts of Haryana. Even though many routes are not getting the encouragement of passengers and the bus service is also being canceled. Despite this, buses will be diverted from the capital Delhi to different cities of Haryana from Tuesday.

Bus service has been suspended in Haryana since Jan 22 curfew. About 54 days later, from May 15, Haryana State Transport has started a bus service on 29 routes from ten districts including Panchkula. By extending this, bus service has started from 15 districts of Haryana till Tuesday.

Now, the Haryana government has decided to expand the bus service to different cities of Haryana from the country's capital New Delhi from Tuesday. Government of Delhi has also issued NOC in this regard. Meanwhile, information about this has been sent from Haryana State Transport Headquarters to Delhi Depot Managers. Only thirty passengers will be able to travel in these buses. After online booking on 30 seats, the software will not make the next booking.

Apart from this, thermal scanning of all passengers will be done at the New Delhi bus base. At present, buses running from Delhi like other districts of Haryana can also reach Ambala and Panchkula. The vegetable market is being run by the administration in Sector-17, Chandigarh. Due to which buses running from Delhi and other districts will not enter Chandigarh yet.

Route plan for buses running from Delhi

Where will the time go

Ambala Cantt 9.30 am

Bhiwani 9.00 am

Kaithal 9.00 am

Palwal 9.30 am

Narnaul 9.30 am

Panchkula at 9.45 am

Sirsa 9.00 am

Driver will not stop the bus in the middle

Buses are not getting passengers, many routes canceled

Chandigarh In Haryana, in the third phase of lockdown due to Corona, the government has started operating buses but has completely banned the stop at any dhabas or other places along the way. The government has taken this decision due to Corona infection.

The Haryana government has started operating buses from May 15. Buses are sanitized only from the starting point of the buses. Despite this, the authorities have received information that buses are being stopped by many drivers as per their convenience in the middle way. Restaurants etc. have also opened since Monday. In such a situation, due to the possibility of stopping buses on long routes, the authorities have given strict instructions to the drivers that they will stop the bus at its first and last stop.

Meanwhile, due to lack of passengers, many routes to Haryana Roadways have to be canceled on Monday. Haryana Roadways is running buses from Panchkula to many cities but due to lack of passengers, about one and a half dozen routes were canceled on Monday. Buses started from Panchkula on Monday for Rohtak, Bhiwani, Hisar, Hisar, Narnaul and Rewari. The routes were canceled due to the nominal number of passengers on other routes.

At present, there will be a ban on entry into Chandigarh
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