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Trailersbook launches with an initiative to connect users with Creative Providers

Programmer, Lecturer and researcher in Human Computer Interaction from Leeds, UK, Parichay Parivesh was residing in Leeds, UK since 2009. But suddenly he decided to leave his lucrative and research career to venture into film digital marketing solution. Parichay formed a company Katharos Entertainment Pvt Ltd. and launched its first product called Trailersbook, its an innovative online portal for small and medium budget films for promotion and direct feedback on their strategies by the users. Our mission is to become the bridge between content producer and its viewers, says Parichay Parivesh, the man behind this website with a novel concept.

Parichay Parivesh

When did the idea of come to you and why?

Trailersbook emerge when we noticed that there are so many good content movies released every year and people never get aware unless and until somehow they see on television or are referred to by someone. So we researched and found Small Medium Scale (SME) production houses fail to reach mass market because of monetary and other resource limitations. So we decided to build a platform to help the SME production house reach their target audience conveniently or in another word we built an Innovative Online Platform, which work as a bridge between content producers and viewers.

Why should film industry become a member of your site?

There are various digital platforms to promote movies with large viewership database and huge database of engaging content. But they are not designed or dedicated to a specific industry. Every Industry has a specific audience type and audience behaviors and needs change according to it. Trailersbook has been designed and developed specifically to promote Indian movies through video content and these content would be related to movies only. It has industry customized features which will help production houses reach their target audience much easier than other existing platforms. Production houses can upload limited content free of cost. They can notify users about the movies without any hassles. Portal is live from last 8 months on beta phase and have more 6 lac monthly views. We have planned to exceed viewers close million in a year span of time.

What are the additional benefits for associate members on your site?

1. Production houses can upload unlimited video content free of cost.

2. They can notify the user about the movies without any hassle.

3. Get revenue through monetization of their content

4. Get strong analytics about individual videos or complete movie

5. Promote not only upcoming content, but archived content also

What will be the process to acquire marketing analysis for members?

We understand just uploading the promotional video is not enough unless and until content producer or exhibitor doesnt know the viewers reaction on their content. Keeping that mind trailersbook has deign strong analytical system which provides complete insight of viewers reaction on their individual/ overall movies videos.

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