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TURKEY-SYRIA Earthquake: more than 11,500 People Dead. India, Pakistan, Russia & many aid for help

The Show Time/ Vee D Ess

More than 11,500 people have been killed and a hundred thousand injured by a huge earthquake which hit south-eastern Turkey, near the Syrian border, in the early hours of Monday morning.

The first earthquake was registered at 7.8, classified as "major" on the official magnitude scale. It broke along about 100km (62 miles) of fault line and was followed by many severe aftershocks and also a second earthquake with the same power as the first one.

The Turkish community has been criticising their government and president for a slow action response on the early monday morning. To which Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says there were some problems in the initial response due to various issues at the airports and roads near the affected area but now the operations are running normally and all resources of the country have been mobilized and the state is doing its job. Yet people are furious at the government's apparent lack of action, with some people claiming that help is yet to reach them as their kids are stuck inside rubble and help has not arrived for more than a day and people claim that it is hunger and cold that is going to kill them faster than rubble.

Countries all around the globe have come forward to help the countries.

INDIA, Is sending 100 search and rescue personnel from its Natural Disaster Response Force to Turkey, as well as specially-trained dog squads and equipment for relief efforts. Medical teams with trained doctors, paramedics and essential medicines are also ready, the Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

PAKISTAN,Has sent one flight of relief supplies and another carrying a 50-member search and rescue team. The government says daily aid flights to Turkey.

And other countries including the UK, USA, France, Spain, The EU, Israel, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan, Greece, Switzerland, Montenegro, Moldova, Croatia, Romania, Austria, Poland, Siberia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico, New-Zealand, China and Russia.

But, All the States have mostly provided aid to Turkey. While Syria officially asks for assistance. To which countries say "Sending teams to Syria would be more complicated than Turkey – with control in the north divided between the government and rebel groups".

To which Russia steps up to help Syria by sending

rescue teams from the emergencies ministry are preparing to fly to Syria. The Russian military deployed in the country has already sent 10 units comprising 300 people to help clear debris and search for survivors.

The Russian military has set up points to distribute humanitarian assistance. Turkey has also accepted an offer of support from Russia.

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