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The Show Time/Shampa Saha

An old beggar was sitting on the footpath Lamp post lights on London's bone-chilling cold made the streets misty A spooky environment prevailed He had only a few pounds Slowly he got up and went to the front bakery For a loaf of bread not to beg but to buy He earned his bread singing ballads In his trembling voice all day reciting the ballads of various heroes Though it was begging but not begging in all means His torn coat were unable to avoid the chilling cold Taking the bread he moved slowly to his destination But suddenly he stepped on something What was that? A puppy Hungry, yawning in the winter, crying bitterly The old man shared his bread with his little friend And hid it behind his torn coat He brought the warmth of affection to the little one Thus the night passed with two unequal souls Witnessed the night stars and the foggy moon The snow fell on those survivors as blessings of God very soon

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