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Different phases of life!!!!

One day a man wanted to quit everything..his job-relationship-eveything...n decided to go to d woods n hv a talk with d almighty god...He asked god that why did he had so many problems in his life???😞😞

Image from mountcarmelplaceofprayer

God in return recited a story in front of him...the story goes like this!!

God said he had seeds of two plants one was of bamboo n d other was of ferns..he planted the both as soon as possible..the ferns started growing within a few days but bamboo didn't show any results he used plant both vid water daily but only ferns started growing he worked on bamboo for first yr it didnot show any results!!dn again he worked on it in d second yr it again showed no results...n dn like this 4 years passed but god said he didnot gave up on bamboo...then in the 5th yr bamboo started growing n started becoming a very beautiful plant..moral of the story:we should never compare our lives to others..everyone is unique in their own way...the struggling yrs of our lives are the yrs in which the roots formation takes place similarly it took in bamboo..god has different plans for each one of us..we r only meant to work hard...!!✌❤

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