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Upcoming musical sensation Sur's gist with COVID

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The Show Time

We all know how COVID has impacted the lives of each and every person around the world. Similarly, not only the film industry but also the music industry has suffered indefinitely by the pandemic. British Punjabi singer Sur has also felt the same when a certain competition by a big banner came to his rescue during corona times and truly it was the 'Asar' of this that we are now able to hear the voice of a talented artist. "Like everyone, I felt that I can utilise the lockdown to enhance my skills but it was an uncertain time for me. When Universal Records started a competition where they gave new unheard artists a platform, I was elated. I went through auditions and they decided to give me their name and platform for my song Asar and that was the turning point for me. I finally had the goal to create music that would reach globally through Universal Records", says Sur alias Supreet Singh Suri. Though the opportunity presented, it was not without the challenges ahead, "Since I was in London at the time, I had to create the music video without much of the resources. The team from the Record Label assisted me a lot. On top of that my father, Paramjit Singh helped me with the camera and direction. Also, my fiance in Delhi at the time taught me how to apply makeup for the video calls every day so that it was easier for me to go ahead and shoot with the video." Further, the upcoming musical prodigy adds, "I can't say that I am now a jack of all trades by creating just one video but yes, the experience taught me a lot. I now know a few tricks of the trade and that can definitely add up to my upcoming projects in future". Quoting an incident on the set, Sur says, "Just before the shoot for Asar was about to start, our model was diagnosed with Coronavirus and that was a huge blow for the whole team. We all had to get tested for ourselves and it was a crucial time for us. Thankfully, no one else was coronavirus positive including me so the shoot went ahead with a new model and now people are loving our efforts." On his future, Sur is very confident, "With this video, I got a jumpstart with such a huge label and now hoping for more opportunities to come my way. Internationally, I am receiving positive messages from Canada, UK, and India and now as a request to my well-wishers, I am coming up with a new acoustic version of the song. I hope people would give that the same love I received with the original version of Asar."

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