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USA and other NATO members withdraw troops from Afghanistan aimed Taliban advance.

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The top US and NATO general "Austin Scott Miller" stepped down on Monday and US led military mission fasten it's end after 20 long years. It came days after President Joe Biden said that the US military operations in Afghanistan will cease by 31 August. Meanwhile other NATO countries, including UK have withdrawn all their forces from Afghanistan after Biden speech.

The withdrawal of troops were already planned and dated by Donald Trump but the date was moved up as Biden took control of the office in January.

In ceremony held on Monday Miller said "It's important to me to say farewell," Gen Miller told the attendees, who included high ranking Afghan officials, in an emotional final address. "Our job is now not to forget."Gen Miller was the longest serving officer to oversee Nato and US forces in Afghanistan, which he called "the highlight" of his career.

It comes as Taliban militants seize more control of Afganistan recently Taliban claimed to have taken control of 85% of territory of Afganistan, now Taliban has control of more than 3rd of all 400 districts in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden defends the decision by saying "that it will save a lot of lives and just one more year of fighting in Afghanistan is not the solution but a recipe of fighting there in definately" in his White House speech.

He also denis the Taliban takeover is inevitable. And adding Taliban forces are around 75,000 are way less compared to 3,00,000 troops of Afgan security force. Even after the complete pull out USA will keep approx 650 troops in Afghanistan for security of the US embassy in Afghanistan.

Last month he promised aid for Afganistan will not stop form all the NATO members including USA and Afgan polititians and special forces are more than capable of stopping Taliban takeover. "Will they do it?", He asked.

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