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VYRL Originals introduces twin sisters with their new track 'Kehndi Haan, Kehndi Naa'

Clicked by Mayank Chadha

Been five years in the industry, the ravishing Kakar twins are back at it again this New Year with a new track, 'Kehndi Haan, Kehndi Naa'. The track which was released on Thursday had already garnered 600K views at the time of writing sung by Prakriti and Sukriti Kakkar and features Arjun Bijlani and released by VYRL Originals.

clicked by Uday Khanna
Sukriti and Prakriti are not only singer-songwriter but also they have a major interest in fashion and dance. The identical twins admit that launching the track in Chandigarh was a conscious decision, "Punjabipan is in our blood. Also, punjabi music has always inspired us to make good music, so here we are in the Punjabi roots for launching KHKN", Sukriti quoted.

The siblings have been a part of playback singing in quite a few Bollywood films and this track is there second non-film music, "We have been a part of the industry since five years but never were the front face as we did playback singing. Growing up, we always dreamed that we will be singers, but we just not wanted to be the voice in the films. We also wanted to do non-film music videos. Non-film music is not the future, but definitely is the present", the sisters quote

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