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WeChat and TikTok ban hanging in Trumps hand.

The Show Time / Vee D Ess

Both Chinese applications WeChat And TikTok well need banned from this Sunday in all online application Stores working in US. US government says that the ban is important as both the applications were stealing data from the US users and give the data to government of china. While both the companies and Government of china denies the blame. While Tencent holdings Ltd owned WeChat will be named from this coming Sunday. On the other hand TikTok still hangs for there luck at they have a dead line till 12November as TikTok will be working on US users phones till that date. And US presented Donald Trump decides to accept the TikTok and Oracle partnership or not. Earlier in the past Trump gave order of TikTok needs to keep on working in US they need to sell their US franchise to any US company after this microsoft and Oracle raced each other in a bidding war which Oracle won. Now if Donald Trump accepts the deal between both the companies then TikTok will remain alive in the country and if he refuses to accept the deal then TikTok will be banned in US .

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