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For a private Tarot session or Corporate events or Parties n Learning Tarot cards Call or Whatsapp on 9501011532 Aries ♈ You may be surrounded with some confusions or juggle between two or more situations or thing. Some of you my get some good news The week may be one day You may one w opportunities or you way get to travel or both. The weel you my spend god family tme Suggestion Avoid any unnecessary frustrations beal with people and things gently and emotionally. Taurus ♉ a mixture week for you where you may experience some stability and you may also hoa feeling if beng bound Some of you may receive on important tot. Things moy happen quickly for you and some situations may on end or complete situations release any emotion that you may feel have build up inside you Look at the brighter de of things you may have something to salvage Gemini ♊You'll soo some improvements this week. Some hard work may be muired at work or a situation in life. Some of you may have a speedy situation or fint. Don't be ignorant about anything and keep reawessing the situation at hand. Suggestion: To having a partner, gift tham womatung. Be loving to people around you. Cancer♋: You may receive an important information or news. Some improvement may be underway Keep following your dreams, you may get Support from your close and. Some of you may feel bound and gagged Travelling may be on the cards for some of you Suggestions: Avoid being weighed down by problem or feeling are load. Do test the woters before doing something. Leo ♌ You may have some doctors are choice to make. Also, you may juggle between two idean or situations. There may be some deceptions or delay or son emotional upheaval for sons of you. This weer, you may spend good time with your family. Suggestions. You may try new thingn ond tupport of your family would be beneficial for you. Virgo ♍ You may have no new opportunities or you may have some travelling involved. Also, you may hear some time alone or you may spend Bome time alone. Some of you may pet to celebrate this work. Alsa, some of you may have some arguments ar somie battle around you, Suggestions Tala care of your health. Rest and relax and toko out time you need sa. Things may not be as good as you BAKed them to be. Libra ♎ Do experiment a little before doing anything. You may face cortoin us and may two overburdened at times, You need to look beyond the clouds for improvements. Some of you moy be ambitious, restless and outspoken this week Suggestion you may foce certain problems, but you be able to overcome them with your efforts. So, try not ger bogged down by any problem, Scorpio♏: You may have to confusion Happiness, peace of mind and bright prospect aako on the yards. Some troubles not be there, but you'll overcome them. Some et you may end of certain things or same new beginning or both Suggestion your work will be rewarded in proportion to your efforts, but don't let any wari frustration overpower you. Sagittarius♐: Many of a plan may get reduced. You may have some confusion ce redy juggle bilwari two situations Some of you may feel that you may liquor mote confidence in something. You have good time with your partner of with some other important person in your life You no beautifury ond outpoker this week Suggestions Try and socialize with people. Avoid beng unattached to people or things. Capricorn♑: You may have same way that may at filed or you to get a letter or You may have to you may someone that it is no goid You note to look beyond the clouds. Some of you african flies in which you no lie prepared Suggestions Avoid any unnecessary arguments experiment a little little before doing something different. Aquarius: ♒There may be some delay but they may prove to be necessary. You may need more confidence in some situations You may get to travel or you may look of think of expanding something pre-dating. Avoid being greedy about anything Some of you may feel powerful or get a little arrogant. Suggestions Some traveling or trip may be good for you, but do that with care. Don't let any delay or deceptions affect you. Pisces♓ You may have some decision or choice to noks. Same as you may have some new beginnings or some old things may come to an end. Also, some news important letter may be on the way. You may get ta spend quality time with your family Suggestions: Some outing may be good for you Spending quality time with your family will also be beneficial

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