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Weekly Horoscope


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♈ Aries Y: There may be certain fluctuations and you may be offered something that you may not want. Also, you may have some new beginnings or some situations may come to an end. You may have to strike a balance in certain things. A few of you may have to reflect back your shoulder and avoid being deceived or deceiving someone. Suggestions: Look for ways to make improvements. Moreover, celebrate your victories and focus on the brighter things.

Taurus 8: Travelling and new opportunities await you. You may feel restless, outspoken and ambitious. If you feel that you are losing, try and look at the brighter side, you may have something to salvage. Suggestions: Focus more on the solutions rather than the problems. Also, avoid any kind of negative emotion to overpower you.

Gemini II: A good week for young professionals and students. You may have dissatisfactions regarding what is being offered to you. Be careful in whatever you do and avoid being deceived. Also, be firm, especially in the professional space. Suggestions: Signing of any agreement or document may prove to be good.

Cancer %: You may meet some new people this week. Some secrets may be revealed for some of you. You may have to balance out some opposite polarities to overcome a situation. Also, some of you may have to travel. In between, you may feel at distance or may feel you are not getting therequired support Suggestions: You may need to step out of a situation to see things more clearly. Also, you may need to take a giant leap in some situation. Support of friends may be good for you.

Leo 2: A good week for those romantically involved with someone. You may have some delays and they may bring some emotional upheavals. Some good things,celebrations may also be on the way for some of you. This week may asomething lso have in store for students and young professionals. Suggestions: Some things may get delayed, so you will have to be prepared for them. Also, Avoid taking any risks this week and play safe.

Virgo p: A mixed week for you. You may be faced with certain problems which will solvable with some efforts. Also, a few of you may have some kind of negative emotion surround you. You may get to spend some quality time with family. Some kind of contentment in a situation may also be there. Suggestions: Avoid doing something that may make you feel chained. Also, Work or

start working towards things that you may be wishing for,

Libra 2: You may have some new beginnings or new ideas. More things may be coming your way and you may see certain improvements. There may be some difficulties, but will be able to overcome them. Also, some speedy situation or finish may be there. Suggestions: Signing any kind of document or agreement may be good for you. Also, spending time with family or countryside will be good for you.

Scorpio M: Certain situation may come to an end for some of you. Be alert about any kind of spying or deceptions or someone trying to pull you down. Also, some frustrations may arise at work or in a situation. A few of you may achieve or find something good. Suggestions: You may have certain decisions to make. Also, If you are looking to improve or change certain things or situations, you will have to be more patient.

Sagittarius X': Some of you may have feeling of being bound or being trapped. Also, you may need to get stronger in yourself. You may receive some news, letter etc or may have a situation coming your way. Some travelling may be on the cards and certain thinas may completion phases. Suggestions: Try and executing things that you may have prennea without affecting someone's interests.

Capricorn Y: You may have visitors or you may visit someone. Also, you may have a message or news to share or may receive it. You may get to spend time with family or may get to go countryside. Some of you may feel overburdened or weighed down with problems. There may be some delays which may be necessary. Suggestions: Try and spend time with animals, in nature etc. Also, do try and do things that give you happiness. Command authority wherever you are

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