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Weekly horoscope based on Sun sign

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Aries ♈: You may be a dissatisfied on some levels as you may get something less than what you desire. Improvements will be there, but it may have some delays. Some of you may receive some news or information that may cheer you up. You may be burdened with some problems. Beware of things that may happen very quickly.

Suggestions: Try and face the problems as they come and you may be able to overcome them. Spending time with family and their support will be good for you.

Taurus ♉️: You may have some decisions to make and they can be made only under the circumstances. There may be some improvements underway that may please you. Some speedy situation or finish may arise for some of you. Some of you may have some emotional venting out. Being soft and gentle will work in your favour.

Suggestions: Act in a balanced manner. With certain efforts, you'll be able to overcome any troubles.

Gemini ♊: You may have new beginnings or new ideas. Travelling may be on the cards. Some of you may have some negativity building around you or inside you. There will be improvements, some things may see their completion phases.

Suggestions: Follow your ambitions. Support of your friends and close ones may be beneficial. Try and spend some time with yourself whenever the need arises.

Cancer ♋: Some things may come to an end. You may need inner strength to deal with confrontations inside you or with outside world or both. Some of you may get to travel. You may deal with some frustrations or may have a feeling of being trapped.

Suggestions: Your thoughts and actions must be balanced. You may try executing things that you may have planned.

Leo ♌: There may be some news or letter on your way. Some of you may have certain arguments. Peace of mind may be achieved by some of you. You'll enjoy respect and authority.

Suggestions: Avoid juggling with two situations or things.

Virgo ♍: A good week for those having a partner. You may receive an important letter or information. There may be some delays which may prove to be necessary. You may spend good time with family. Some of you may have a reason to celebrate. You may demand authority, but avoid being too cold.

Suggestions: Be positive, fiery and outspoken. You may need some hardwork at work or some situation in life or at something you may not be enjoying fully.

Libra ♎: Some of you may have a short journey to undertake or you may have movement to or near water. You may need more confidence in some spheres. Some things may see completion phases or end of a situation. The wheel of fortune may have something in store for you. You may meet some new people or some old ones with whom you connect.

Suggestions: You may require some inner strength to fight some battles, inside you or outside. Some sort of travelling may be good for you.

Scorpio ♏: You may get to spend some quality time with your family or at home. Some of you may have something to cheer or party about. If you have some legal document or situation, it may see some movement. You may face certain troubles or issues, but you'll be able to overcome them. Some delays may prove to be necessary.

Suggestions: Speak your mind and follow your ambitions. Doing something for your partner or your loved ones will prove to be good.

Sagittarius ♐: You may get to spend good time with your family. There may be some deceptions or delays. You may have ups and downs emotionally. Some of you may some secrets to be revealed. Some things may happen very quickly which may not be very good for you. You may have to travel or may look for some expansion in certain things.

Suggestions: Experiment with things before going for their implementation. Be positive and try and look at the brighter side of things.

Capricorn ♑: A good week for young professionals or students. You may have new opportunities at hand. There may some speedy news or situation coming. Some of you may have something happening very speedily. There may be certain things that may not be as you may expect them to be. Some improvements may be there.

Suggestions: Avoid any negative emotions or energy which may pull you down. Be domineering in things you do.

Aquarius ♒: There may certain emotional upheavals. You may have some quarrels around you. You may want things more than what you receive or get. Certain issues will be there which can be sorted with some efforts. Some of you may receive some news or information. There may be certain delays or deceptions for some of you.

Suggestions: Be prepared for some secrets or news that you may receive. Look at the brighter things as you may have something to cheer about.

Pisces ♓: You may feel weighed down with problems. Also, you may need more confidence and strength to do certain things. There may be some delays for some of you which may be necessary. Some of you may spend quality time with your family or at home.

Suggestions: Spending time with nature, with animals may bring you happiness. Try and executing things that you may have in mind.

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