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Weekly Horoscope based on SUN SIGN 8thNOV-15thNOV

The Show Time/Karan Munjal *Bookings available* for *Private Tarot session* *Tarot at Parties or events* *Learning Tarot Cards* Call or WhatsApp on *9501011532* *Aries* ♈: Hardwork and efforts put in by you, will give you results. Also, you may require conviction in certain areas. You may sign a document. Some of you may complete certain things. Travelling may be on the cards for a few of you.

Suggestion: Be positive and speak your mind. Also, avoid taking any risk and play safe. *Taurus* ♉️: A mixed week for you. Some of your wish/wishes may get fulfilled. Also, you may have a few bright happenings. At times, you may feel that you have things under your control. Some of you may feel a little lost, but if you look behind, you may have something to salvage.

Suggestions: You will need strength to deal with certain issues. Moreover, you may need to test the waters. *Gemini* ♊: Delays may prove to be necessary. You will command or enjoy some respect. Also, you may complete certain tasks. Possibility of going to countryside or spending quality time with close ones is there.

Suggestions: Be prepared for any surprises. Avoid making any move which involves any risk. *Cancer* ♋: You may see certain improvements this week. Also, some of you may receive some important news or letter. You may have some new opportunities and you may get to travel. Avoid becoming greedy or having over-expectations.

Suggestion: Avoid overburdening yourself. A good time to introspect or travel. *Leo* ♌: There may be some delays or issues. And you may need some strength to deal with them. At times, you may enjoy some comfort or a comfortable position. Also, some of you may receive some good news.

Suggestions: You may need strength to face some problems. Also, avoid doing anything new without experimenting. *Virgo* ♍: If you put in hardwork, you may see the results. Certain things may have delays associated with them. A few of you may visit someone or someone may visit or may receive some or give some important information.

Suggestions: Avoid unnecessary quarrels. Don't keep your hopes high as it may lead to dissatisfactions. *Libra* ♎: Some things may happen quickly this week. You may spend quality time with your loved ones. Some of you may see fulfilment of something that you wish.

Suggestions: Avoid Overthinking and overburdening yourself. Don't let building up of too many emotions. *Scorpio* ♏: Somethings may see completion phases. Being soft and gentle will be good for you. Also, you may need some alone time. Some of you may get the feeling of being stuck.

Suggestions: Spend time in nature, green areas, hills etc. Also, socialise with people. *Sagittarius* ♐: You'll have happy times and bright prospects. Also, you may enjoy a comfortable position. You may do some fun activities. Be wary and reflect back over your shoulder. Moreover, some of you may develop a feeling of being stuck in a situation.

Suggestions: Try and act in a balanced way. Be prepared as a few of you may have secrets to be revealed. *Capricorn* ♑: You may face certain troubles, but with efforts will overcome them. Also, some of you may sign a agreement or document. You may spend quality time with people close to you. Moreover, you may be gentle, emotional and a few of you may even feel shy in some situations.

Suggestions: Try and balance any opposite polarities. Some kind of movement may be good for you. Try and improving things this week that need improvements. *Aquarius* ♒: Those having new ideas or thinking of trying something new, may do so. The week will bring some stability for some of you. Also, there may be some necessary delays. You may need to make a move or take a giant leap in certain situation/situations and may require some support in it.

Suggestions: Deal with people around you in a soft and gentle manner. Also, don't turn your back to your problems. *Pisces* ♓: You may have some improvements underway. But, remember that all that glitters is not gold. So, look beyond the clouds for improvements. Some of you may get a reason to celebrate. Also, a few of you may feel a little low at times, but you may have something to look forward to.

Suggestions: Be with people with whom you enjoy peace of mind or feel happy. Also, try and keep your family and love interest happy.

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