When it’s REAL you CAN’T walk AWAY : Feature Article

The Show Tme / Stakshi Khanna

‘LOVE’ one of the best feeling in the world.

The feeling that makes you feel incredible. You just find everything around you so beautiful and perfect. Love is the only feeling which gave birth to thousands of poets and writers. Few are lucky enough to find their true love but all of them are not. Few love stories are just left incomplete or unsaid, not every story has a happy ending. It’s not always when you love someone and get back in return the same faith and loyalty. Heartbreaks are the most difficult part of every individual’s life. Deception one of the most common thing among all the couples. Cheating on your partner is what most of the people do. True love is not expensive gifts or some sweet conversations, but lifetime commitments and some honesty with your partner. If your love is real and true for someone, you can never ignore the person or just walk away from that relationship. I have heard many youngsters saying maybe this was our destiny or god didn’t wanted them to stay forever. To those people out there I just want to say if you were in love and you were loyal to your partner god would have blessed you with a forever relationship. Through some personal experiences, I realised that no one can give you happiness its only you who can make yourself happy. Only your parents love you unconditionally without expectations or anything in return. Its only your mom who will ask you always whether you had your food or are you fine. Years of love is forgotten in the hatred of minutes. Misunderstandings can ruin everything in seconds. We should never hurt someone’s feelings. If someone loves us, RESPECT that very few in this world will love you without any expectations. My mom used to say me always never run for the person whom you love but always go for the one who will love you because that person won’t hurt you. Never beg to someone for love, the more you beg the more they’ll go away from you. Time doesn’t matter in relationship but all that matters is the way your partner makes you feel. Sometimes a person cannot make you feel special in 4 years while someone just makes you fall in a month. Efforts are very important in any relationship and that too from both the sides. Just love and never have expectations. Expectations hurts the most.

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