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Why did Geet get in a verbal tussle with Tanya's in-laws?

Tanya's first Rasoi Rasam will be full of intriguing drama where Geet will once again be at loggerheads with Tanya's in-laws. In the recent episode, Tania put forward a condition that she will only fulfill her first kitchen ritual if Geet is present there. Today, the Mehra family along with Geet will visit Tania’s place for the same, where shockingly Tania’s mother-in-law again creates a ruckus and again brings up the infamous topic of Geet being a Dholi’s daughter. Geet also doesn’t hold back and tells them that like any other artist, a Dholi is also a musician who should be given the same respect as other musicians and should not be looked down upon. Will Geet’s altercation with Tanya’s in-laws make Tanya’s life difficult going forward? Or will they understand what Geet is trying to tell them? To know more, watch today’s episode of Geet Dholi at 8:00 PM only on Zee Punjabi.

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