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Why does Guruji join hands with Rita to insult Nayan's family?

While Nayan is sent away from the house, Rita celebrates her absence and organizes a pooja so that Nayan never returns to the house and she completely gets rid of her forever. Lately, the current plot of the story has turned out to be much more dramatic, because the Guruji who used to be in support of Nayan, is now in support of Rita. Sahdev (Devansh's younger brother) brings Nayan’s parents home on the occasion where Rita and Guruji humiliate and insult them. What made Guruji go against Nayan? What are Rita's intentions? Will Nayan’s absence in the house bear her more hardships? Don't miss to watch today’s episode to have an extra dose of drama in Nayan-Jo Vekhe Unvekha at 8:30 PM only on Zee Punjabi.

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