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Why everyone should write at least one book!

Generally speaking, we all follow a book. Whether it's a holy book, educational book, story book or the book that was simply read to us while we grow. Currently, we have been so occupied in doing things our way or the way it feels right to us, we have forgotton the basics we were given! And the fact that what we are doing presently with our lives and for ourselves is by the book that we have made ourselves to follow.  

We work, we contruct, we context, we choose to onlook something and we ignore others to achieve our goals. This can mean that even our goal setting is done by the amalgamation of books and so we see today in the world that what is happening is not actually by the books but mixture of what we are and what we have learned. So, if you have a situation like corruption is in India, this means that we have corrupted ourselves. If you think that we need a government to govern ourselves that simply means that we don't know how to govern ourselves. If we fail to see the goodness in the world and good things that is because we have made ourselves like that. 

Do you have a design in mind for your blog? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or yWhy do you care if someone doesn't listen to ou? Why do you care if someone treats you badly? Why do you care if internet is full of things which should not be there? If they exist, and they do it's is simply because of the extent of influence of a few books and our thought process. With our platform we are trying to spread good and interesting new ways to live life. We might have issues which says let the dreamers dream. Everyone should not be educated in same class. Why there teachings in the school's that would not be ever required to live a real life? Why we still have poverty in our nation? Why we don't pay attention on what's going on local terrorism, Groupon and streetism. Why spend on funding something like researching on how to make new type of houses

I'm in the country where men face despair from other men. Where women seeks justice in the house. There are so many weakness with which one can survive and hence, the nation can only become a weak nation and not a strong one. We suffer because we like to suffer, we have created technologies to eliminate our loneliness but it has created more boundaries. We have created stress for everyone and have made them think of what they lack rather than what they have. This goes to big companies working only for the revenue and to cheat. Government slowing down the development with rules and educators restricting the minds of the dreamers and thinkers. We might be moving towards civilization but we are backing off from hospitality towards each other and thus, we should help each to achieve greater purpose of lives. 

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