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Why MNC's,IT firms,Cooperatives not opting for WFH in the crucial Coronavirus Phase2 lockdown period

Work from home: Need of the hour

Amidst the coronavirus threat and more than 150 people being affected in the country because of this virus, we have to rethink about the quarantine process that we are following. Companies have been taking it very lightly, that they will keep a proper check with a bunch of sanitizers in their office on more than 300 employees under one roof, is where they seem to be wrong.

Many MNC's, IT firms and other companies have shutdown their physical offices with immediate effect during the Phase-2 of the disease spread and asked the employees to work from home which does not hamper the business also and health of employees also. But, other stubborn firms who refuse to shutdown are not taking their employee safety seriously and bringing them in high risk contagion area.

The companies who are not following up the WFH policy during this crucial time, are they waiting for a big blow when one employee makes hundreds of other employees infected with the virus? Many IT firms in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali are still risking the lives of thousands of employees just in the name of their 'Business'. How can we be selfish in such times and not go self-isolated just for the sake of being virus-free?

Most importantly, why is there no action being taken against such companies by any authority and why are they not locking down any such office still being in progress? Is it not a crime to risk someone's family member or a friend in the name of business requirement? Are these people prone to the coronavirus epidemic that the corporates have made them slaves and won't do anything unless imposed by government? If State Government has warned us to be away from groups and large meeting of people, then why are offices not being shutdown?

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