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Woman’s life and Struggles- One Example

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Woman, they name is Sacrifice, Compassion and Affection. One more element, which is the shadow of a woman, is “Struggle”. Every woman goes through a period of struggle at some time in her life, whether it is for her education, for job, for marriage, for her honor. Still, a large percentage of women in our country continue to struggle for life for some such struggles. Even today, the adverse conditions exist for women, in our families, in society, in jobs, in business and not knowing where. In the midst of these

conflicts and adversity, there are some women who always remain combative and make their own identity in different areas.

"Nivedita Chakravorty" is one such woman, whose life reflects the various dimensions and struggles of the female form. She continues to grow in her life, performing various duties. She is always combative and diligent to mold herself as an ideal daughter, wife, and mother. Nivedita Chakravorty worked for 27 years in various positions in insurance industry companies.

During her tenure, she received promotions, awards and appreciation certificates for her outstanding work. In order to earn a livelihood twenty-seven years and in discharging her duties and responsibilities, she brushed aside her dreams from her life. But those dreams were kept in any corner of the heart.

Now, at this point of life, she moved towards her dreams and her dreams are - literature service and social service. The first stage of Nivedita's dreams is her first published poetry collection, "Mere Hisse Ke Noor", a compilation of 145 poems. In this poetry collection, philosophy of women's life, sensation of mind, struggle, contemplation, love, agony, Questions to society on the discrepancies of, suffering for

the country are all reflective. She has contributed to various genres of Hindi literature such as poetry, articles, stories, dramas, prose, etc. Her next work is a compilation and publication of her short stories. She started writing and collecting poems from her childhood. She received many prizes for poetry writing and reciting in school.

Pre-marriage, she was associated with local poetry organizations and participated in local Poetry Conferences at Hardwar. Her poetry recitations aired from All India Radio

Najibabad and Delhi. During her life insurance corporation job in India, she participated in the state poetry competitions, organized by NARAKAS (Nagar Rajbhasha Kryanvayan Samiti), and won awards continuously each year. Her poems and articles published from time to time in the national newspapers and local magazines. While working in the field of literature, Nivedita Chakravorty also established the “Gurgaon Poetry Session” and under which every month poets meet and exchange their ideas in the form of poetry.

Apart from this, Nivedita Chakravorty is also associated with some social service organizations, under which she also performs social service regularly. These include some services such as clothing distribution, food distribution and education campaigns in slum areas. Nivedita's upcoming plan in the field of social service is to provide free "Goal Setting Counseling" to students in rural schools, for which she has completed training. If a woman is firm, confident and positive in life, she can fulfill her dreams of life despite being dutiful for her surroundings, which Nivedita Chakravorty has proved in her life and continues to prove.

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