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Woman suffering from corona infection gives birth to child : Bapu Dham Resident

Show Time Chandigarh

When a baby is born to a covid positive mother, the newborn should be transferred to a healthy care giver (HCW) until mother is afebrile (without medicines) with improvement of symptoms and 2 tests come negative atleast 24-hours apart The child should be tested at 24 & 48 hours after birth through nose, mouth and rectum, and watched for symptoms. Follow up tests should be repealed after two to three weeks again, said Dr G K Bedi, Director Bedi hospital and Chairman indian society for assisted reproduction

A woman who is suffering from Corona infection gave birth to a child on Thursday. . This is the first case in the city where a corona patient has given birth to a child. The woman was delivered at Sector 16 Hospital. The mother-child is both healthy and under observation in the isolation ward. The woman hails from Bapudham Colony

In the city, 73 corona patients were found on Wednesday and 14 more positive patients in the city. Of these, eight cases were found in Bapudham alone, while Coronavirus was confirmed in five more people apart from a technician from the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH-32).

With this, the number of patients in the city has increased to 73. At the same time, officials from administrative officers to health department are upset due to continuous positive cases in Chandigarh, 31 people have been found positive in the last six days in Bapudham. Corona virus infection is spreading rapidly in Bapudham Because the ward attendant, following the rules of social distancing, had a wedding anniversary party in his house a few days ago, in which he called 130 people from the neighborhood around his house. That's where people are getting infected.


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