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Women's Teej festival in traditional style

Socialite Meenakshi and Shalini organized Teej festival at Esod Lounge, Sector-26. In this 80 women participated from Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

The women cheered each other by showing their mehndi. Apart from this, all the ladies danced while singing Hindi and Punjabi songs on monsoon. Played Tambola and selected

Teej Queen Adi Titlem through Lucky Draw. The women danced on the dance floor carrying dholak, thali and umbrella, associating each other with the traditional act. Apart from this, these moments were captured by taking pictures and taking selfies. In this celebration, Amrita Tanwar became the Queen of the Day, Sunita became the first runner up and happy second runner up. Dimple and Rajni were awarded the title of Teej Diwaj.

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